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Welcome to LADY CARPENTER - one of your premiere online resources for construction professionals, entrepreneurs,  and construction industry enthusiasts.  Founder and CEO Tenika Deshawn is committed to helping to provide affordable housing to people who would be typically priced out.   But she realizes that it is impossible to help everyone alone.  As a result, she serves as a mentor to up and coming construction professionals with similar goals.  Working towards such an ambitious objective is what inspired her to launch  The website is designed to function as a resource for individuals seeking to launch their own construction company as well as for current construction professionals who may not have the immediate resources, mentorship, or information to ensure their success. is a resource for that is expanding daily.  Our knowledge base will continue to grow as time, resources and information continues to be brought into the parent organization.  The Lady Carpenter, LLC won’t be truly successful until more families have ascertained affordable housing.


Use this website as a guide.  But it is strongly advised to consult a legal and/or financial professional prior to making any decisions.  The industry is constantly changing.


Thank you again for choosing  Please feel free to submit inquiries through the site.  We are honored to work with you towards building your company and improving the life experiences of those in need.

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Other Services Provided Under The Company Include:

Project Management  // Strategic Planning  // Residential Repair Estimates  // Market and Demographic Research      Private Lenders  //  Blueprint Reading  // Layout  //  Framing // Drywall Installation & Finishing  //  Painting
Trim & Molding // Flooring // Real Estate Investing // General Contracting // Remodeling
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