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Introducing The "Lady Carpenter"

After serving for years as a professional carpentry contractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Alabama native discovered many individuals longing to become involved in the construction and carpentry industries but they lacked the appropriate information.  Tenika Deshawn was quietly compelled to create a platform where construction enthusiasts and long-time professionals could locate information regarding how to launch your business, hire talent, file taxes, write contracts, and develop some of the most amazing construction and carpentry projects in the City of Bridges.

Today, Tenika Deshawn has several thriving businesses within the carpentry and construction industries in the home of The Steelers.  She is a public speaker, a prominent influence, and a rising star in the general business sector.

"Lady is projected to become one of the most influential resource centers for carpentry, consturction, design, and business development.  I simply want to do my part to help young entrepreneurs, especially women, who are looking to get into the game.  This is only the beginning!"

To learn more about Tenika Deshawn or Lady Carpenter, feel free to contact her at  

Check Out Tenika Deshawn At Work 

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